The Week End

Could be an artist’s name, a song theme, a hotel name, or simply time:  the end of every week. By default and in regard to the Holy Book (Bible), the week is a time for hustle. Then the seventh day which sometimes runs for three days (or more if you on vacay) is the week end.

Best time of the week huh, well for me at least.

Either am at the office wearing my favourite jeans and boots or am somewhere being adventurous or simply taking great photos of my weekend wear (like the cover photo on this article). And yes, I do find time to sleep, thanks for asking.

The Week End

  • I feel like most of us live in the weekends more than the weekdays
  • Hail the weekend, the time when people bring out the car that’s been parked all week, the hottest car, the one with a name instead of a number plate
  • The day you feel like proposing an outing with your boss 🍻
  • Easy day, everyone in their fav denim or leather jacket or hoodie, see mine yow
  • The uko wapi time of the week
  • People let loose in the weekend and it is like a breath of fresh air
  • Guys retouch their dreadlocks, or let them hang loose as the weekend is upon us 💆
  • The time when we meet friends, plan stuff, do stuff
  • Time to meet my soul sister and hang out at Uhuru Park
  • It is when I get to take cool pics with fashionistas like Jijoh and show off our cool backpacks
  • It is when you can happily have your lazy day
  • It is a time for talent building
  • All week you’ve been working for someone, so the weekend, saturday, art day gets you to work for yourself, improve your art
  • There’s just these interesting chemicals released on the weekend, for me Saturday mostly 💃

Saturday is my favorite.

Above all the above, here’s more for cheers to the weekend;

  • It’s the day when I feel like I can save the world. The day when I have multiple ideas like; having etiquette classes for touts since they really never get trained (they learn on the job). Mostly the part for handling customers, but our city centre governor Mike Sonko is already handling that, yeah. Lately my posts can’t miss something Matatu
  • Its a day when am able to forgive 77*7 times as the Bible requires. But please don’t test me. Deal? Cool 😁
  • In this day, am easy, no anxiety about what next 🛁
  • It’s the day i will say hi back to a total stranger who I consider a nuisance on Monday 😶
  • Above all, Saturday as in s-at-ur-day is art day .
After the weekend;
  • Do you ever get to the office late and feel jealous of those who got there before you? Try to avoid the last minute hustle when it comes to your job. Because,
  • It’s better to arrive at work earlier than late, there’s a peace that comes with being ahead or in time.
  • Something else, if you find joy throughout your week apart from only the weekend, big up, you’ve already made it in life.


Otherwise, what’s your favorite day of the week and why?


Signing out,


The weekend is upon us.


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