Taking a Breather


Hi, am Monicah, Monicah Wangari. I sound like Hannah, Hannah Baker. But on an entirely different concept here.

Blessed beyond words to be a writer and to have you read or even skim through my writings.
I and my blog thrive on honesty and personal life experiences.
When I started the blog, my intentions were simply to keep an online diary for me to store memories and see how far I have come.
But with time, close to a year now, I have learnt that besides keeping a personal online journal, I can make someone smile or laugh, I can encourage someone, I can educate someone, I can be a link between people.
In the short time I have been writing, I have met people, interacted with them and listened to their compliments and criticism. I appreciate that and please keep them coming for that is how I grow and with growth, I will stick around for the long haul.
Particular moments that left a mark on me as a writer. 
*A time a colleague honored my work and went ahead to insist that writing should be more than a blogging hobby to me.
*I always forward links to my contacts on new blog post. So this time I was on a trip and within the interactions, someone would go like, ooooh so you are mkare. Then go ahead to talk about my posts, and recommend ideas, books to read etc
*Interacting with a taxify driver and ended up learning that he writes too.
*Being able to introduce myself as a writer
*Interacting with strangers in a matatu and while talking general stuff, my blog comes in.
*Reading through other people’s work and learning throught them.
*Being able to accept that writers block is real and that a break is needed to prepare material for my readers.

I am on a break but will resume.
Will be working on betterment of the blog in terms of content and your experience here. 
Mkareblog will be much bigger and better.
Meanwhile, scroll through my blog to find earlier articles since they are 50 in total.
Visit also my favorite writers’ blogs (direct links below) and experience a world that you never thought existed;
  1. Bikozulu
  2. Joseyphina
  3. Chanchori
  4. Magunga 
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Signing Out,

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