Book – ing

Am a lover of books; books that challenge and grow my thinking, books that show me possibilities, books that take me to another world.

What is amazing is, you can easily find them on the internet and download as PDF or whichever suitable form. If not available, then Amazon Kindle has you sorted. You can shop the books there at an affordable price.

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read cover to cover;


  1. the alchemist by paul coelho
  2. waiting and dating by myles munroe
  3. keys to living single by myles munroe
  4. veronica decides to die by paul coelho
  5. mans search for himself by rollo may
  6. he is just not that into you by greg and liz
  7. slowing down to the speed of life by richard and joe
  8. the subtle art of not giving a fuck by Mark Manson
  9. who moved my cheese by Dr Spenser Johnson
  10. single, married, separation and life after divorce by Myles Munroe
  11. Things I wish I’d known before We Got Married
  12. Drunk by Bikozulu

current read

more wine by union.jpg


i intend to read;


  1. warrior goddess training by heatherash amara


PIECE OF ADVICE; Take breaks between reading books so you can witness yourself apply learnt lessons to your practical life. After all that’s why we read right?

Cheers to bettering our lives.