Hair -ing

Am a girl who at some point got tired of her hair and decided to drop it all down.

While looking for a very suitable barber, the one i tried was amazing at his job but crazy expensive, the others, i couldn’t quite trust them to give a loook,, you know.

So my friend in deed and i came up with an idea; how about i try all the crazy hairstyles i could imagine before putting it all down, yes? Yes.

Rocking natural permrods

Front view
Back view

Faux locs

These got me feeling rastafarian and really cool.


Bantu knots

I felt beautiful with “matuta” and in control



Braided lines

The length jazzed me big time


Easy to do, not so much time spent at the salon, whichever length you desire..

i wonder whats next in my hairstyles exploration…. Now am done wondering and doing dreadlocks! My new found love. More on Niaje Ras article.

Art on my head!